Hello, I’m Shannon! I am a maker. I come from a long line of makers.

On May 5, 2011, while struggling to find a way to fulfill my creative side and stretch the skills I developed as an architectural designer, I happened upon a small, teal $3 tin recipe box at an antique store.  I couldn’t put it down. It spoke to my love of vintage kitchen kitsch and homemade. An hour later I had formed a small idea and it grew by the minute. By the end of the week I had my business “recipe” and a vision on index cards overflowing the box. By March two years later Eva Blake’s Makery & Emporium had a name, a plan and a mission to make the world happier through making.

The name Eva Blake comes from my family tree and embraces the ingenuity and creativity of every woman. You will find Eva Blake at the crossroads of Rosie the Riveter, June Cleaver, and Betty Crocker.  She is the embodiment of the can-do spirit of all things crafty with an eye towards nurturing ourselves and sharing with others.  She is there for the conversations, the thrifting and the making. There is a little bit of Eva Blake in all of us.

I feel everyone is creative and can learn to make something amazing and lovely. Eva Blake’s Makery makes creativity simply “As Easy As Pie”. I love to teach and see others excited as they learn to create something new.

You can follow my interview series with creative women, Art of Being You  at Mastering the Art of Being Me and on Instagram @ebmakery

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