On my way to Alt Summit

Last year I attended Alt Summit at their first ever summer event. It was so refreshing to find my people there and I told myself I’d be back next year, and speaking at a future Alt to boot! Well next year is here and so much has happened in the last 360 days (5 more days until Alt begins).


Not only am I speaking at Alt (whoa dream come true!) about hosting events offline but I’ve also moved back to my home state, celebrated 3 years since my company launch, interviewed dozens of creative women here, worked with brands and companies I would have never have dreamed of approaching before, learned Adobe Illustrator and last but not least I started drawing again!

It’s this doodling thing that has really reawakened something in me. I used to draw all the time, but life gets in the way. While drawing I find that my mind opens more to new ideas, wanders, and I’m constantly looking for patterns and details to draw. I’m also reveling in research, botanical gardens, libraries and, museums. This isn’t a new thing, but by spending a focused time everyday and carrying my sketchbook and pencils with me it’s stirred my soul and has developed into a full portfolio! Again, whoa! I haven’t made a real deal portfolio since I was applying to my degree program in college… but it’s so pretty…  really. I cried when the final product was delivered and as we speak is on it’s way to art directors!

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