Reversible Apron Pattern with Going Home To Roost Ribbons

Studio-Apron-PatterncoverFind this FREE pattern here.


Bonnie Christine of Going Home to Roost invited me to partipate in a beautiful bloghop to showcase her gorgeous ribbons from Renaissance that coordinates perfectly with her fabric lines.

The Bonnie Christine line of ribbons were inspired by a love for nature and sunshine. They represent working in the garden, growing flowers and watching the bees, birds and butterflies take flight. Bonnie most enjoys using the ribbons to add cheer to everyday objects like notebooks, bags, key chains and clothing. Her goal has always been to create patterns that are organic and natural, joyful and lovely. She believes patterns are one of the ways we can express ourselves and make our spaces beautiful.


I love the little red honeybees and honeycombs in aqua and gold! I paired it with swiss dot coral, yellow, and berries I had in my fabric stash to create a reversible apron to use in my studio. When I’m sewing I need my tools at the ready! Otherwise I tend to set them down on my table and bury them in fabric and doodles. There are several pockets just below the waist that can easily be customized to suit your needs. Unlike a kitchen apron, this apron is much shorter and offers rounded corners.


The ribbons were the perfect additon to the pockets to give them an extra pop! Easy to sew through, ribbon also has two edges already finished, so they just need to be top stitched and the raw end edges get encased in the seams.



The ties are easy to make and have a sweet end detail that takes it up a notch without getting complicated. The length of the waist ties and neckline can be adjusted as needed, if your not as petite as my beautiful model Raven.

DSCN9431 copy

The other side of the apron is a sturdy cotton canvas trimmed with ribbon at the top. There is no pockets on this side, it would be just my luck to get paint in the pocket and drip into a mess. Yet again the length is just perfect since I’m always painting on a surface and don’t need the apron tails getting in the way. This pattern is FREE to you! Thanks for stopping by!

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